Monday Insights: Strip! Greedy Pants Off.

mon1 MGMT has a song called “Kids”, with a line in the hook that goes: Control yourself, take only what you need from it.

Who knows what the artists were thinking when they wrote it, but for me, this line always hits home. It expresses something very important that we sometimes forget to adhere to: Don’t take more than you need away from any situation.

mon2We forget this at times, especially while ‘bonding’ with others. Sure we may have a connection, we may share some laughs and stories, but that doesn’t mean that we’re suddenly bosom buddies for life.

I’ve been downright greedy and taken way more than I’ve needed before and when the other person didn’t respond as I would have liked, had the audacity to feel offended or hurt.

Think about this: Sometimes people are there just for that moment. Sometimes they’re in our lives to spread joy for that day or to help us through a rough patch. Our job is to see when we have taken what we need and can let go, happy with what we’ve received.

mon3Those lyrics come back to me each time I have to ask myself these kinds of questions. They come back to me because they are laced with so much truth.

Isn’t it a lovely thought to be able to just go through life, taking only what you need and being confident enough to leave the unnecessary behind? Let’s try lovely readers .

(MGMT “Kids”:



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10 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Strip! Greedy Pants Off.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ernesto, been a long time. I hope you and yours are well and yes, the lyrics you shared are pretty much up the same alley :).

  1. Nice said Jackie, but then there’s the age-old dilemma of separating needs from wants. When it comes to the non-physical, then I think at times we are all of two minds sometimes?

    Have a nice week. 🙂

    1. You’re very right Lawrence, I definitely feel knowing the difference is rather important as well :). Do I see a guest post on the subject on the horizon? *Hint* *Hint* :).

      1. I’m very flattered to be asked…thank you kindly. You also have impeccable timing. I was just thinking of having a nap, and now I realize that it is both a need and a want, so why fight it, eh? 🙂

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