Random Wednesdays: Horror Strikes!

Hey lovely readers! It’s wonderful to see you here again for another Random Wednesdays ^_^.

share1Remember how I said that at times I’d be opening the floor to other writers on Wednesdays to share guest posts, reviews, interviews, etc? Well, today I want to start that ball rolling with some short horror fiction from K.R.Rowe. I really enjoyed Walk Within The Lightning, as it reminded me of a character I’d worked on some years ago; fond, deliciously bloody memories ^_^. Enjoy this awesome guest piece below :):

wed4~ The car smelled; the stench overwhelming. The distinct scent of rotten meat assaulted my nostrils, threatening to bring up my dinner. Trying not to be conspicuous, I leaned my elbow on the armrest and covered my nose. Earlier, the smell didn’t seem quite as strong, but now with a storm brewing outside, the rolled up windows sealed in the stench.

I couldn’t get away from it.

When he spoke, he didn’t bother looking my way. “I left a sausage biscuit under the seat for four days. I still haven’t gotten the smell out.”

A sausage biscuit? It reeked like a four-day-old corpse. Of all human weaknesses, this irritating sense of smell I despised the most. The rain had yet to begin, but in the distance, silent strikes of lightning sizzled the angry sky. I jumped in my seat. Making things worse, on nights such as these, my grandmother’s superstitions tended to haunt my thoughts.

wed1“When lightning comes before thunder and rain, hide yourself girl,” my grandmother would tell me. “That’s when he comes.”

“Who is he Grandma?”

“His name is evil,” she said. “The souls of those he has claimed walk within the lightning. They chase him, setting the sky ablaze, desperate to reveal him, before he can harvest another.”

“What if I see him? Should I run?”

“If you see him, child, it’s already too late.”

“Is he a bad man?”

Lowering her voice, she gripped my arm, pulling me closer. “Yes, but some say he’s a demonic spirit, wrapped in human skin, living and breathing among us—hiding.”

wed1I never dismissed my grandmother’s superstitions because I knew them to be true. She wasn’t just trying to scare me shitless—Granny had her reasons. When the disjointed silence haunts that space between lightning strikes, her stories come back to prey on my fears.

The lightning betrays his empty eyes; lays bare his monstrous soul. He fears it, because you’ll know it’s him; his teeth are stained black, his lips crusted with blood, and his cheeks, gorged with the rotten flesh of the dead. ~ Read the rest of Walking Within The Lightning by K.R.Rowe ‘HERE.’



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