Monday Insights: All About You

mon1Human beings have a tendency to be selfish. Okay, I’ll give you a moment to look around guiltily ^_^.

The thing is, even though this is the case, most of us still try to give way to others in various ways, even if this means putting ourselves out.

One of the things I constantly have to work on is looking out for myself. I know how selfish that sounds, but let me explain further. Basically, I’d often put others first, or be so concerned with their feelings that I would regularly find myself in a puddle of hurt and anxiety. I was being selfless . . . or so I thought.

mon2When we don’t look after ourselves, we are not doing others any good either. We have to be selfish sometimes and look out for the person that’s living inside our skin. This is so important to ensuring a better quality of life and, when we do decide to be selfless in our relations with others, they’ll reap more valuable benefits too :).



Wishing you well this week lovely readers, go out there and be happy, while spreading it to others ^_^.

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