Random Wednesdays: “Looks Ain’t Everything”

wed1Yesterday I read a writer/reader related post over at Chickletslit that I thought was rather timely, as it spoke about the content of books verses their covers, our personal opinions on a story verses those of others, and so on.

I won’t play at being daft and pretend that the ‘prettiest girl at the ball’ wed3doesn’t grab our attention, or that what others say doesn’t sometimes impact our views on things, however, the post really delved into the reasons why though they have their place, our own thoughts are just as important.

wed2How often have we gone into situations thinking they would be total busts, only to be pleasantly surprised? It can be the same way with books. Just because an author may not have the best cover out there or, they may have one review as opposed to hundreds, this does not automatically mean that their product is not good or, that it is unworthy of our attention.

I’d love to hear what you guys think on this topic and if you need more fuel before leaving your comments below, check out the post that inspired today’s 🙂: ‘Sometimes What You See Is What You Get Is Just Plain Wrong.’


Thanks for joining me lovely readers and I’ll see you Friday :)!





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