Monday Insights: Don’t Panic!

Don’t panic!

mon1Whatever it is that you’re going through, whatever it is that’s testing you, do not give into panic!

Okay, now I’m sufficiently ‘exclamation-marked’ out, let me explain what I’ve been going on about. This year so far has had multiple ups and downs. The downs have been crazy, from health-scares to work-related problems and family issues, while the ups have been fantastic, especially when I think about brand new readers for my books, interviews I’ve done and so on.

mon2During the bad times I’ve sometimes struggled. This was especially true when I was pretty ill earlier this year and I realised that I panicked . . . a lot, when it came to health and my body. This is something I’ve been trying to overcome daily, bit by bit, since then. As for all the other icky stuff, I’ve been working at being even stronger mentally and emotionally, I’ve learnt that blessings come in the most unexpected ways and that panicking about anything, doesn’t change a damn thing. All it does is make situations worse, as we don’t move past the bad and as such, can’t see our way out.

mon3This week, let’s all start trying to panic less. We can do this! Say it with me: I can do this, I am capable of way more than I give myself credit for. I will do this!

Guess I wasn’t out of exclamations ^_^.



Have a wonderful week lovely readers and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

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