Friday Highlights 97

fri1I’ve been watching episodes of The Americans this week and I have to say I’m totally hooked on the show. I love that it’s from both points of view (American & Russian) and though fictional, gives a believable glimpse of what it must have been like for those involved (spies, agents, etc) during that time in history. The actors, including main stars Keri Russell (Elizabeth Jennings) and Matthew Rhys (Philip Jennings), do a superb job and to me overall the casting was pretty brilliant. Anyone that loves a good thriller mixed with drama and loads of intrigue, will love this show and, it’s only two seasons in so not too far ahead to catch up :).

Other than being caught up with fictional espionage, I’ve been . . .



fri21) Being interviewed for two upcoming magazine articles, which I’ll link as soon as they are released. I talk all about my books and business, including other cool little tidbits ^_^.

2) Still in the process of having all The Wardens series first season fri4covers changed, so that’s been a task, however, seeing the end of the tunnel so very happy about that :).

3) Started The Wardens Episode 6, which will be the first book in season 2. It’s currently unnamed, but I’m playing around with a few ideas so we’ll see ^_^.

4) Have not worked out in nearly three weeks :S. I’ve been so caught up with work – early hours, late nights, etc, that I haven’t made time for it. I’m just glad my body isn’t rebelling quite yet. That said, I’ll try to do better this week :).


That’s all from me today,  have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by ^_^. Remember, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).






Please note: After a short break the beginning of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on Saturday, September 6, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’. Look out for the Awakening Character Guide ( soon and catch up with the story using the link above, as with only FIVE chapters left, you’ll want to catch up ^_^.

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