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fri1Falling Skies was a favourite of mine when it first aired and I was looking forward to it returning for season 4. However, after a friend and I watched the first few episodes this week, we both decided that we needed to take a break until the season was over, before we caught up. Why? Well, we’re both pretty disappointed with various elements in this new season and though I seldom bellyache about shows, this time I was left more or less wondering if someone had flipped the script between this season and the last. Regulars know I don’t share many spoilers but when did Captain Weaver (Will Patton) become so tame and is Anne (Moon Bloodgood) G.I. Jane now? However, I would still say that sci-fi fans who’ve never watched it can pick it up from the first season and, hopefully by the time you make it to this one, things would have improved ^_^.

Other than wishing for a better sci-fi moment, this week I’ve been . . .


fri21) Happily working on my sci-fi WIPs. One is YA and the other adult and as I switch between the two, I feel in my element again. I always feel better when working on multiple stories at a time. I know this doesn’t work for everyone and that some feel this means that one story isn’t getting as much focus as another. Not only is this not true for me, but I feel it helps me to stay on my toes as well. I didn’t do this for the epic fantasy and I felt off some of the time as I wasn’t allowing myself moments to step away from it.

fri32) Working hard on new promotional tools, especially as I constantly try to work out the best ways to market those books I’ve already published (The Wardens season 1 and Secrets of the Tenari) and those I intend to in the latter part of this year to early 2015.

fri43) Social media management for others is not the most fun I have, but I’m still doing some of that as it contributes to other aspects of my business, you know, the kind that require cash lol.


That’s all for today lovely readers, thanks so much for stopping by and remember, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).






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