Monday Insights: Breathing Saves Lives

mon1They’re individuals and situations in our lives that require deep breaths, plastered smiles and pleasant reminders to get through them.

To make an example of a tiny one I deal with at times — my lovely, but sometimes ‘quick to the snap-attack’ mother. Now, I love this woman to pieces and have gotten to know the kind person she is over the years, however, at times we clash terribly. I might ask her something on a day where she’s not mon2yet feeling like emerging from her ‘comfort zone’, she reacts poorly and I in turn behave like something from a bad teen movie. Yes, I admit it, perfection escapes me at times (haha). To combat this I’ve tried new, more positive approaches, often like the ones mentioned above – a deep breath, plastered smile and throw in a nicer tone when I speak to her again, which usually results in her reacting in kind when she realises I’m just not going to take her on. She often does the same to me when the roles are reversed.

mon3Though this is a micro-example as I said before, I also feel it applies to the more serious issues we face in life. That absolutely annoying co-worker, the engine that decides to stop working when you’re already late for a life-changing meeting and *insert whatever you’re facing here*. It is not always the easiest thing to pause, take stock, then move on. Or, pause, take a breath, remember the wonderful dinner from the night before, or the tender kiss of a loved one, before reacting. These are definitely not the easiest things mid-crisis.

mon4Remember though, no matter how we react, positively or negatively, the situation that caused the reaction is the same. How we choose to approach it, is the key that will decide which direction it continues in.


Have a wonderful week lovely readers and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights 🙂.

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  1. So true – and very good advice. Particularly applicable when you’re just like your mom!

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