Friday Highlights 93

fri1This week I started and finished The 100 a series that’s basically about this group of teens that are sent to Earth to ensure it’s habitable after the human race has been in space for many many years, following an apocalyptic event. Now you guys know I don’t give too many spoilers about what I’m watching, so what I’ll say is: my bias leans towards shows that aren’t too heavy on the romance in ‘oh my God are we all gonna die?’ situations, so in that sense it had a couple strikes against; I wish there were more crazy animals and plants on the attack considering the Earth was probably radioactive for some time, but overall, it’s interesting enough that I’ll probably be back for season 2. So, if you like shows that combine action, adventure and teen drama, then The 100 (based on a book of the same name by Kass Morgan) is for you :).

Other than watching TV in bed, I’ve been . . .



fri41) Updated the Blogger of the Month so: Make sure you check out the blogger for the month of July Rebecca Skinner over on her blog: ‘Where is Skinner Going Now?’. This fun lady has been all over the place and her stories are really exciting. I had the pleasure of interviewing her a few years back when I was still a journalist and as a person who loves travelling myself, it was an amazing interview with a Canadian who is an adopted citizen in . . . well, you’ll have to click, read and find out ^_^.

2) Working on new videos to give even more information about The Wardens series. And, if you haven’t seen them yet, you can check out The Wardens Character Breakdowns playlist and meet some of the eclectic cast, including stars Erin and Zach.

fr123) Researching for and working on two new projects both in the genre of sci-fi, that I want to shop when finished. I’ve allotted the next few months to these two books, so really looking forward to buckling down with them.

fri34) Sorting things for a few meetings next week, inclusive of but not limited to agendas, research, etc. This is why it always feels like so much to do so little time. However, I know there’s enough time, it’s just a matter of continuing to get better at using it wisely ^_^.

5) Haven’t worked out one day this week and I can blame it on being swamped but that’s not fri5good enough, so will get back on the wagon from this weekend again, as I don’t want my body falling out of the exercise rhythm.


That’s all for today lovely readers, thanks so much for stopping by and remember, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).






Please note: After a short break the beginning of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on Saturday, July 19, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’. Look out for the Awakening Character Guide (June 28, 2014) and catch up with the story using the link above, as with only FIVE chapters left, you’ll want to catch up ^_^.

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