Random Wednesdays: Jacob’s Apocalypse

It’s the midweek and I hope this post is finding you all in good health :)!
This time round I want to share an excerpt from a short story I’d written a while ago called Jacob’s Apocalypse. This short snippet is taken from Part 1 of the story: So It Begins. Enjoy :):


wed1~ I question the future when I barely remember the past. Sometimes I sit in those moments, thoughts filled with the possibility of a before and wonder if the expressions that once haunted my countenance will ever return. I think they were there, moments where I was not this zombie-like creature I am now. At times I even feel it is a game, that I am a part of some strange reality swarming with violent carnivores adding to the bare landscape of the place I now know.

It had to be different before right? There must have been a time when there was a feeling unlike what I have now. I’m not even sure what my emotions are most of the time, so fickle are they. One moment, a sensation of spreading joy that never quite reaches the surface and another, the deep wanting to have it all end, without ceremony.

wed2I feel as if I have gotten ahead of myself and forgotten that you cannot walk around in my head. You have no clue what goes on there, nor do you have the faintest understanding of what I’m talking about. I promise I’ll try my very best to convey my purpose. Purpose? I feel I should change that, because it seems more likely that I am reaching for some kind of help, from this place, this thing, this me, that I cannot run away from . . .

There it is again. The humming. Relentless in its quest to someday destroy me? Save me maybe? Whatever the case, it’s there and I sit up, thinking for a moment that this is one of those times when she will appear along with it. She calms it somehow, as though it is a kind of pet to her and her presence strokes it into obedient silence. I know you’re wondering who ‘she’ is, but I won’t tell you that yet. She’s too important to speak of in a passing thought.

wed3I’m awake now and blink my eyes rapidly for no other reason than that it is the equivalent of a pinch to prove this is no dream, then leave them open, taking in the blanket of darkness that has become so familiar to me. You cannot imagine the shock one experiences when as you sleep all you see are vibrant colours in every shape and form, yet wake to a place that knows nothing of this. Dreary landscapes, stretching far beyond the line of sight and dull, dirty-looking surroundings. Yes, each time I wake is another surprise, not usually a good one. Hence my love for sleep and my love for my time with her. She brings colour to me. She was the one who showed me that there could be more beyond the confines of this place I live in; who made me aware of their presence. Were it not for her, I would have nothing.

Sitting up I decide I might as well continue the journey and stand, legs a bit shaky as always, almost as though they need to remember how to carry the weight of my body each time I use them. Walking is another matter and this theory continues as I try to step forward, making the tottering steps of one who does not know himself and what he’s capable of. Not quite different from every other thing in my life.

wed4I asked her once about this, why she decided to choose me for her revelations. Asked her in a quiet conversation while she tiptoed round me, peering intently, refusing to touch, yet captivated by what she saw. Captivated by me. I could tell she was as she looked at me, her translucent eyes wide with almost amused fascination. She hadn’t answered, had instead laughed prettily before disappearing from my sight and grasp. That was my second meeting with her, the first, well, I don’t think you’re quite ready to hear about the first.

There is a lull in the humming and I see that though she hasn’t appeared, it’s stopped on its own, as if startled by my stance and intimidated by me. This thought sends a kind of shiver through my stomach, not entirely unpleasant, but one of the feelings I associate with the probable time before.

wed5Movement, then shuffling feet. It breaks my concentration and the feeling deep inside evaporates. I become tense, body taut as it has become accustomed at times like this. Every movement, every sound in this dark place means something. Whether they are ominous or not is often the question that the answer, some are too late at finding out.

The initial sound turns into an almost rhythmic beat along the ground. Were I not so focused on keeping completely still, barely breathing to avoid any noise coming from my own body, I might have found some enjoyment in this strange kind of music. It comes to a halt a ways off from me. A voice, clear and high speaks.

wed6“Finally you wake. Come, we must gather the others. Quickly.” A weapon is thrown to me, long, sharp blade, contrasting against the dull outdoors. I catch it deftly at the wooden handle and looking at it, I’m taken to another place inside me. It is here that I am brave, alive and ready for anything. In this case, I must help in the hunt. If we don’t do this they will come after us. It is a kind of understanding between us and the animals, a species that looks similar to us, but are different in more ways – whether real or imagined – than I could hope to explain to you, or that you could try to understand. Oh, I forgot and don’t want to confuse you, the one who spoke? It isn’t she who brings colour, but my sister, Mara. ~


I enjoyed writing this short and will probably share it on Wattpad in the future. It has twists and turns that leave the reader wondering what is reality and what isn’t, a side of fiction (psychological) that I really love to delve into, though to date I haven’t very often. Thanks for joining me lovely readers and I’ll see you Friday :)!



Please note: After a short break the beginning of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on Saturday, July 19, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’. Look out for the Awakening Character Guide (June 28, 2014) and catch up with the story using the link above, as with only FIVE chapters left, you’ll want to catch up ^_^.

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