Monday Insights: LifeBox Connect

mon1Recently I sat back and for a few moments couldn’t remember what it was like to talk to someone on the telephone, or what I would say to a crush way back in the day. I couldn’t remember what it was like to call someone to find out what they were cooking, listening to, reading, watching or wearing to the club. I just couldn’t remember what it was like, because today it’s as simple as scrolling through a news feed.

mon2In these moments of weirdness in my head, I started to think about the many things that were so easy for us before the onslaught of the technology we enjoy today and it was almost disheartening to think that in years to come, even having simple conversations face-to-face could prove challenging for most of our population.

mon3We’re disconnected and it’s terrifying. We hide behind emoticons and have actually created a system where entire sentences can be made up of emoticons (wait a minute, they’re emojis now right?) and the person on the other end understands perfectly what we mean. We’ve reverted to hieroglyphics, only they’re not on ancient walls but screens.

mon4This post’s title is a play on the Kinect for XBox 360, which allows users to virtually connect with each other, among many other features. In life, we need to step up our game with regard to connecting on a physical level. Please note: I embrace technology as much as the next guy. If it wasn’t for tech advances, I’d still be writing manuscripts with *shudders* a pen! I love that our minds are so wonderfully versatile that we can adapt and move forward in this way. What I don’t love, is that we lose sight of so many other things in the process.

mon5We need to have conversations, ignore the next ‘sparkly’ app onscreen for two seconds and call up a friend. Go out dancing or to dinner instead of choosing to have virtual outings all the time, look people in the eye, get interested in things outside of celebrity gossip coming straight to your inbox and remember always that if this is one life we live, we need to make the most of it.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: LifeBox Connect

  1. Great post. It’s always good not to forget to connect with people face to face! It’s easy to get distracted by all the tech that surrounds us now.

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