Friday Highlights 90

fri1I got to catch up with Rookie Blue this week and I’m enjoying the new season. I like how the show is very character-driven and laidback. Usually I prefer the dark and dramatic cop shows like The Killing, but there’s something about this one that to me makes it worth a watch, especially if you like the campier view of on-duty cops and random office romance all mixed together with bad guys who really should have seen it coming lol.

Watching romantic angst was coupled with . . .


button send1) Deciding who I was going to shop the epic fantasy to and beginning to do so ^_^.

2) Working on cementing plans for the next six months of this year, inclusive of vlog series, upcoming self-published books and other business-related ventures.

fri33)Continuing work on the social media management front, which is amusing as I always seem to do that type of work better for others. So, this time I’m taking a leaf from my own book and working towards being better at managing my own social media :).

fri54) Being rather impressed with Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries fame. He’s now an ambassador for United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and was in my hometown Barbados on World Environment Day to make it all official. Now he’s going to take on the ‘world’ to bring more awareness to climate change. Somerhalder also does amazing work through his foundation, among many other things. I shared this because I think it’s always really great when celebrities use their status for the greater good. We’re all in this together and every little bit helps our Earth and her people 🙂.


That’s all for now lovely readers! Have a great weekend and be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others ^_^!




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