Monday Insights: Turn Down for What?

danceA few days ago I properly understood the phrase ‘dance like no one’s watching’. Sure it seems easy enough to decipher, but I didn’t truly get it before then.

If we dance or not, what does it matter? If we *insert legal activity here* what does it matter? We worry so much about how others will react or what others will think, and spend so much time consumed by self-doubt, that we forget what it’s like to simply live.

dance2I’m not saying to burst into a “Turn Down for What” moment at a completely inopportune time. What I’m suggesting is that we live our lives the way we want to. We only have one and honestly, even if we have another, I’d love to think I get to keep at least some of the wisdom I’ve picked up over the years, so I have a head start.

From today, dance, breathe, live. We’ll try to stop worrying so much and just be ^_^.



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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Turn Down for What?

    1. Yes, I’m trying to remember it each day so that one day it won’t be something I have to try at and will just be ^_^.

      Hope you’re having a great week so far :)!

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