Random Wednesdays: Queen of the Black Gate (Excerpt)

Midweek! How’s everyone doing so far? I’ve a bit of eyestrain that I’m going to crush with an early night (hopefully) but otherwise all is well and I hope the same for each of you.

wed1I was going through some of my unfinished work recently and had a shock when I realised that book 2 of an unreleased work was quarter way through in, wait for it . . . 2012! The time has flown so quickly and staying on top of everything hasn’t always been easy but, I’m hoping to get my ducks in a row shortly with those on the backburner.

This week I want to share an excerpt from my dark fantasy WIP tentatively titled Queen of the Black Gate, which I intend to release in 2015. Was on the fence about going traditional with this one for a little while, but have decided it’s better suited for the self-publishing route. You’ll hear more about this story over time and if you use the keywords dark fantasy here, you’ll probably find one or two other excerpts from it as well. Enjoy :):


dark-1920-1080-wallpaper~ “His time will come.” She repeated what she had told Targo before. Her guardian nodded, waiting patiently beside her as she inspected a few buds. To Aeshma, Scierio was of little concern, as she could not see him being foolish enough to act again so soon after her retaliation. Her thoughts were focused on something else, something that hadn’t left her since she’d first been attacked.

wed5News had no doubt spread of the assassination attempt even before the Revelation and Aeshma would not be surprised if others attacked. Though Targo and Lilith’s acts throughout the realm would make some afraid to proceed, this did not lull her into a false sense of security. It was calm now, all seemed well, but she was well aware that a storm usually followed peace. She would make her moves and those like Scierio would taste her wrath, but for now Aeshma was more interested in finding out what those that hadn’t sworn fealty were saying about everything, including her father’s demise.

wed4Lilith had given her a detailed list of all who had not attended the Revelation and though she held it close to her, tucked in a hidden pocket within her leather breastplate, the names were already burned into her mind. Not all would be as willing to bend the knee as the berserkers had been, they would come for her, that was certain. They would come and try to steal the Black Gate right from beneath her feet, all that made her ruler and, her life. ~


Aeshma is one of my favourite characters (yea I probably say that about all the girls lol). She reminds me of an early character that was really fun to write — strong, no nonsense and brutal. Can’t wait to write more of her story and eventually share it with you all ^_^.



Thanks for joining me today lovely readers and Part 2 of The Kes & The King Chapter 14 of my science fantasy novel AWAKENING (When Worlds End Trilogy) is now available for your reading pleasure here: The Kes & The King (Pt. 2).’ See you all Friday and I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Awakening. The beginning of Chapter 15: The Unbreakable Three, will be posted this Saturday, May 31, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’.