Random Wednesdays: YA Fantasy Excerpt

We’ve made it to the midweek lovely readers and they’re just a few more days before this week ends and we can look back proudly on all that was accomplished. At least I hope so ^_^.

SotT Front CoverToday I’m going to share an excerpt from Secrets of the Tenari (Book 1 in the Tenari Trilogy), my first self-published book. It’s YA paranormal/fantasy and I hope to release the other two late this year and early 2015 respectively. There’s much to do before that happens including a name change, re-launch and new cover, though I hope to be working with the talented Sean (Testament) Abbott of ‘Deviant Test Creative’ again, who did the original cover and is one of my favourite local (Barbadian) artists. Remember they’re 8 parts of this story available for free on Wattpad ‘here.’

This excerpt is taken from a scene where Emma gets a bit of a rude awakening, enjoy :)!


Growing Pains~ “Are you really so stupid?” Bree asked still giggling. “Your father knew your mother was pregnant with twins, yet when she had you spirited away like a thief in the night, he refused to banish her as he should have and acted as if Ryan was his only child.” So another baby hadn’t died in my stead? This was definitely news to me and I didn’t know what to believe. If what Bree was saying was true and I put the pieces together in that way, it wasn’t hard to see it as being possible. It stood to reason that the mayor would know a baby wouldn’t just disappear, still, I’d lived in an oblivious state for years. No one had hunted me, or tried to warn me away and the Coles had been perfect pseudo-parents for my mother’s needs. I asserted myself,
wed3“None of this explains what your family wants with me Bree.” She looked away and nodded slightly at the guy who looked older than she was, but younger than twenty, and had been silent up until that point. He charged at me and I instinctively turned, baring my teeth. He shifted too, into something I’d never seen. This was some other kind of tenari fae I knew, but not one like Ryan and me. His skin turned silky black and his eyes shocking blue and, there was something else. As he moved towards me, it was as if my eyes couldn’t focus on him. One minute he was in my sights and I was ready to defend and the next, he just wasn’t there.
wed3“Ugh!” was all I managed before falling to a knee doubled over. He had punched me in the stomach, hard. I looked up now, spotting him again and reached out to grab, but he was already gone. Seconds later I was trying not to bite down on my own tongue in pain. In those split seconds that I’d lost him, Bree’s brother had managed to leave a few slashes across my back. He’d ripped through the fabric of my cotton blouse with ease and I could feel them trying to heal, but not fast enough that the blood didn’t trickle to the floor.
wed4“You’ve never met my brother Tai have you Emma?” She crouched to meet my eyes again, “He usually does whatever he can for his little sister and as you can see, he has, special talents. I’d suggest you check your attitude and let me do the talking.” I couldn’t resist needling her,
“When you start saying something worthwhile, maybe I’ll think about it.” ~


WWECOVERIDEA - TrialEmma seldom knows when to shut up and as for Tai, he’s definitely another favourite of mine ^_^. Thanks for joining me today everyone and Part 2 of The Princess Across The Sea Chapter 12 of my science fantasy novel AWAKENING (When Worlds End Trilogy) is now available for your reading pleasure here: The Baby, The Witch & The Norman (Pt. 2).’ See you all Friday and I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Awakening. The beginning of Chapter 13: Discovery, will be posted this Saturday, May 24, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’.



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