Friday Highlights 86

fri1While The Vampire Diaries’ (TVD) Elena Gilbert character (Nina Dobrev) can often annoy me to no end, I must admit that I almost shed a few tears for her in this week’s episode. I’ve said before that I prefer Teen Wolf to TVD, as the former has more focus on action and general craziness, while the latter leans towards the ‘epic love story’ type thing. However, as I caught up with missed episodes this week and allowed myself to fall into this ‘epic love triangle’, it was a moment for the heartstrings to play a tune and the suppressed romantic in me nearly broke the surface ^_^. I won’t give any spoilers, but if you’d like a bit of a cry, while curled up with good ice cream or some other comfort food, check out TVD’s season 5 finale :).

Other than picketing against romance (okay not really) I’ve been . . .


fri21) Researching multiple subjects as I try to gear up to launch into another writing project. I often work on multiple things at a time, as I find it makes my process a bit easier, so been trying to get information sorted for a new sci fi WIP.
2) Spent a couple days more of less out of it. Tried to write, had one or two lines happen and that was about it. Mood can be of such great importance with writing and creating on a whole, so, as I’ve said before, if you need to take a step back sometimes, do it. Our work benefits in the end.
fri33) Thinking of setting up an Instagram account. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have another social networking site to deal with, but, I love cooking and baking and I’m constantly taking random pictures of my creations which just kind of sit on my computer doing nothing, so thought it could be a nice outlet for that, plus of course other things I’m more readily associated with — books, reading, etc ^_^.

That’s all for now lovely readers! Have a great weekend and be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others ^_^!




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