Random Wednesdays: Awakening (When Worlds End Excerpt)

Hey lovely readers, we’re at the midweek and I hope it’s been good to you so far :)!
wed1For the last weeks I’ve been updating Wattpad every Saturday and Wednesday with my science fantasy novel Awakening (When Worlds End Trilogy). The chapters in their original form are a bit longer than I liked for the Wattpad set up, which is why I split each into two parts and update on these days. Today I posted part 2 of chapter 10: Somebody Save Me and to catch you all up, decided to share an excerpt from ’ Somebody Save Me (Pt. 1)’, where Sumiseren’s about to show that she won’t take crap from anyone. Check it out ^_^:


wed2~ “Your truth, will never, be my law. Remori! Floor!” Sumiseren heard, rather than saw Remori crash to the floor behind her. She took off at a speed that made her almost impossible to see to the untrained eye, towards one of the low balconies. The guards’ bullets flashed blue around her, the colour a warning, as these particular bullets would be coated with a material called noxi, which caused them to explode upon entry into a target. Sumiseren dodged as though playing some sport, rather than for her life. There were collective gasps around the room as she jumped, her boot connecting with the wall just below the stone balcony. Wasting no time, she grabbed hold of the small opening at the balcony’s rim and quickly pulled herself up and over its edge.

wed3The man who stood there seemed as if he had forgotten how to use his gun, as he watched her in shock. Sumiseren took this time to give him a low kick, easily shattering his knee. She brought her elbow crashing into his back, simultaneously taking and throwing his gun away from him, ignoring his cries of pain. She did not stop for a moment, as the constant sound of firing warned her that it was not yet over. The others were running towards her, shooting as they came. They were not trained for this kind of thing, the most disturbances they saw were those from upper class kids who hung out around the council square. Their lack of experience caused them to put their trust in weapons. This was a mistake.

wed4Sumiseren waited as groups of about five each, came from the left and the right. To amateurs like them, it appeared that she was standing still, this was not the case. Her movements were like liquid, graceful and above all else, faster than any arsenal they threw at her. This was the true reason behind her artful dodger success. Were they opponents of her calibre, it would have been easy to see what she was doing, that instead of standing still, she was actually moving her feet, arms, entire body in fact. As they came, the men sweated with fear. They had seen how easily she had gotten to the balcony, the simplicity with which she had overcome their comrade and were understandably afraid. However, Sumiseren saw they found confidence in their numbers. This was another mistake. She waited as they came for her.

wed5Below, Remori had stayed on the ground while under fire and now stood, amazed at this woman he had never seen. This warrior. It was the Sumiseren of the book he had been writing. The Book of the First. It was the woman she told him she was when she went to these different worlds. He was fascinated and, like the council members mouths agape, all he could do was watch in awe as she demonstrated her prowess.

wed6When the guards were close enough to be of substantial threat, Sumiseren jumped high into the air. This caused the two groups to come to abrupt halts, in order to avoid crashing blindly into each other. They looked up at her, surprise and wonderment gripping them, as gravity did its work.

“Know that I do not wish to kill any of you!” She shouted as she neared them once more. One, in his fear, shot at her. Sumiseren cringed, spun in the air to avoid being hit and brought herself crashing down into their midst. “As you wish.” ~


As this story is made up of a variety of characters integral to the plot, I will also be uploading a Guide to When Worlds End on Wattpad in the near future, which will make it even easier to follow along :). Thanks for joining me today everyone and Part 2 of Somebody Save Me Chapter 10 of my science fantasy novel AWAKENING (When Worlds End Trilogy) is now available for your reading pleasure here: ’ Somebody Save Me (Pt. 2)’ See you all Friday and I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Awakening. The beginning of Chapter 10: The Princess Across The Sea, will be posted this Saturday, May 10, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’.


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