Monday Insights: Distractions

Most of us live busy lives. We’ve got deadlines and meetings and kids and pets and *insert all the things we need to deal with daily here*.

distractions1This also means that they’re tons of distractions to throw us off track and usually when we look up from indulging, we can literally kick ourselves for what we see as wasting too much time. However, sometimes, distractions can be great for us. Sometimes we don’t need to over-think it, but just enjoy what’s happening in the moment.

distractions3I have tons of work to get through, but decided recently to just go out and have a night out with a friend. Prior to that outing, I’d had a day where I was feeling a bit bogged down, tired and worrying about everything and anything. Sure, I try to keep upbeat and on top of things always, yet because I’m human, that isn’t always the first response. This day had been a tough one and when she suggested we head out I wasn’t even completely on-board, but decided to anyway. What resulted was a night of beautiful distraction, one that I needed.

distract4So, don’t let distractions take over your life and interrupt you getting to your goals and realising your dreams. Do let distractions creep in when you’re feeling overloaded and aren’t giving your best self to your work and life in general. How do we know where the line between the two is? Well, that’s different for everyone and we have to figure that out individually. When we do find that sweet spot though, we kind of get the best of both worlds ^_^.

Have a wonderful week lovely readers and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

3 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Distractions

  1. Sometimes you have to step back and let the distractions in, it can really help with preventing getting overworked and stressed 😀

    Great post!

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