Random Wednesdays: The Wardens Character Breakdown 2

wed1It’s the midweek and as always, I hope it’s being good to all of you wonderful readers. I also want to give a big welcome and express my appreciation to all my new followers! It’s great to have you :)!

wed2A couple weeks ago I gave a ‘ Character Breakdown of The Wardens’ series Eric & Zach ‘ with the note that I would be sharing more of these breakdowns for the series in upcoming Random Wednesday posts. Here are another two very important characters in the ongoing contemporary/urban fantasy series, of which there are currently five books. To avoid spoilers I’ve left out a few key points, but you’ll still be able to get a general feel of these characters :). Meet Damian (the handler) and Jacob (the vampire).



Role: Erin & Zach’s handler
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Complexion: Ruddy.

Face: Wrinkled, squarish.
Height: 6’3.
Eyes: Brown
Hairstyle: Balding

Style: Mostly grey or brown suits.
Age: Late 60s.
Abilities: Leader. Extremely smart. Gets the job done. Strong still and even though he’s very old, many would still not mess with him.
Personality: Gets angry easily. No nonsense style. Curses a lot. Cockney-esque accent when speaking to those in his charge. Knows when and how to act when it counts, but is very firm in his beliefs and loyalty to the organisation.
Past: Was once a great warden, went on to become leader of Containment Unit 8 (London) for many years. Trained hundreds of wardens and containment officers.
Additional Info: Cigarette and coffee addict. He is first introduced in Episode 1: Skins.


Race: Vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Complexion: Pale, but healthy looking.
Face: He has angular features; androgynous.
Height: Over 6ft.
Eyes: Spring green.
Hairstyle: Shoulder-length, white and glossy.
Style: Modernised version of the period he grew up in.
Age: Nearly a thousand years old.
Abilities: Superior strength, speed, etc. Personality: He’s trustworthy, loving towards Erin and wants the best for supernatural beings and humans. He is also loyal, discerning, intelligent and patient.
Past: He grew up in the Middle Ages. Was a crazy vamp in the beginning who went on blood-stained sprees constantly, until an important event changed him.
Additional Information: He is properly introduced in Episode 3: Lust.


These characters are all very dear to me and I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I do writing their stories ^_^.




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