Monday Insights: Just Relax

relax1How difficult is it for you to relax?

For me it’s something that I have to work on daily, because if I don’t, my mind likes to run all over the place being sure to let me know (loudly) all about everything I still have to finish, what I’m behind on, what I need to get done tomorrow and on and on.

I look forward to the moment when relaxation is something I don’t have to work at but just comes naturally, as this is something I believe we all need to do. Life is so busy, there are usually so many things going on, that even when we take breaks, these are overshadowed by a host of little things that we allow ourselves to be caught up in. In summary, many of our breaks aren’t breaks at all, they’re just nervous minutes put on pause as we count down to the inevitable return to the daily buzz.

relax2To truly relax though, we have to put aside everything and just be in the moment. Listen to sounds of the world going by, meditate if that works to drown out the noise, engage in play with a child, the point is, we have to find what works for each of us. For me one of the ways is my morning workout. I usually try to have it outdoors and love to be out before the sun rises, watching the changes in the day as I walk or jog. I’ve become accustomed to the birds that like to eat from the green pea trees and revel in the cool morning air before it heats up later on. That’s one of my ways, but I won’t pretend that sometimes I’m not bombarded with thoughts that cause me to tense up and lose my groove. Again though, it’s a work in progress.

relax3So, from today lovely readers, let’s all try to work harder at truly relaxing. The unfortunate thing about those issues that stress us out, is that whether we worry about them or not, the situation is the same, meaning it’s better to address them in a more positive state, for favourable results. Our ingrained paradigms might make it difficult, but not impossible.



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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Just Relax

  1. I totally agree with this, sometimes it’s so hard to just remember to take time to sit back and just relax. Definitely will be taking this advice 😀

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