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friday1So I didn’t think I would and maybe it’s because I’ve been writing and editing a story that contains elements found in the show, but I am really in love with Reign. It feels like a youthful version of previous period drama series featuring European royalty and the approach, I feel is smart on the part of the writers. Though it’s loosely based on the history of Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), her eventual French husband Francis II (Toby Regbo) and others of that time, it’s progressing in very fictional way that will most likely allow it to not only do very well with viewers, but hopefully grace the screen for a few more seasons :).

Other than catching up with this series I’ve been . . .


friday21) Writing and thinking about writing and planning for writing and, putting ideas on the backburner so I keep up with the ones already in progress. The mess in my head is growing people! Haha.
fridy32) My birthday was this week (I am much younger than Apple, but older than Hannah Montana ^_^) so I’ve also been reflecting a bit and while I spent some time with friends and family on the day, I’m looking forward to more celebrations this weekend :).
friday43) April’s featured blogger is Mishka Jenkins, who takes us on her “journey to self publishing”, post by post and word by word on her blog A Writer’s Life For Me. She’s a romance writer and I’m sure that many of you will enjoy the array of interesting posts, including the themed Romance Weekly posts, many on creative writing and her literary progress. Honestly guys, hop on over as I literally was smiling just because of the well-chosen colour scheme, as it made me immediately feel relaxed and at home and then, as I started to read Mishka’s posts, I knew I had to feature her as this month’s blogger ^_^. Check her out here: A Writer’s Life For Me.’


That’s all for today lovely readers, wishing you a great weekend and remember, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :)!



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N.B: Those of you who’ve been with me for six months or longer, please note that the original Friday format has changed from featuring a blogger each Friday, to once a month.
This month’s featured blogger is Mishka Jenkins.’

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  1. Oh wow 😀 Thank you for having me be featured blogger, I have a huge smile on my face that won’t be gone for ages now!

    Also, Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

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