Random Wednesdays: More To Writing Than Writing

I know I might get some random objects thrown at me for what I’m about to write next, so before I begin, put away any sharp objects (yes including the pitch fork in the corner).

wed1I don’t believe that writers need to write every day to call themselves a writer.

Okay, I’m letting that sink in.

wed2I know many well respected authors and even new comers believe that a writer needs to write every day, even if it’s just one line of gibberish. I am not belittling their opinion. In fact, there was a time I felt the same way and literally tortured myself whenever I wouldn’t write or would put it off in favour of something I deemed much less important. If I didn’t write anything substantial for a few days, much less a week or more, I would spiral and feel absolutely horrible, especially when people all around me were congratulating me for being so ‘focused and driven’.

wed3I won’t sit here and pretend that at times it hasn’t been pure procrastination, not because I was worried about what others would think when they read the words, but more because I sometimes worried that if I sat at the computer nothing would happen and that scared me. It was a fear I wasn’t able to admit for a very long time, but that’s another topic for another day.

wed4aI don’t remember exactly when my opinions about having to write every day changed, but there came a time when it hit me that there was way more to writing than just the act of my fingers on keys or pencil to paper. There was so much more! It was being outside in the early morning working out and something as simple as the way the sun rose inspiring a new line for a character. It was hours of daydreaming about how I would make a love connection between two of them, or how it would better make sense to have war at another’s doorstep. It was reading other writers’ work, feeling the way they created their own worlds and fondly thinking of mine. It was watching shows that were in the same vein as what I was writing at the time and keeping my mind in character. It was biting into a piece of banana bread and asking, ‘I wonder if this or that character would like sweet foods or savoury’? It was talking to someone and thinking that a particular character would probably say the same thing they had.

Again, there is so much more to writing than the act.

wed4Writers, please stop beating yourselves up for not writing every single day. Do your best always, do what you can always and if there’s a day or week where you’re not yet ready to sit down and begin, use that time to flesh out your characters in your head, take notes, live and breathe them for a while, then take action. Remember, you are inspiring your writing with every action and every moment that you exist.



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4 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: More To Writing Than Writing

  1. There’s an old Hollywood expression for the time when a writer doesn’t write, but is working on a story. Thinking, meditating, and turning things over in their minds. It’s called “stewing”.

  2. Great post, and I totally agree. Every writer is individual and does things differently, you just got to find what is best for you 🙂

  3. This is something I beat myself up for all the time! But you’re right; every moment, we’re doing or thinking something that may serve as inspiration later on. I think what’s most important is that we continue to keep our minds and imaginations open to new ideas. To me, that’s truly living as a writer.

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