Monday Insights: Storm Brewing? Stay Behind The Barrier.

good and badRecently my family and I have been dealing with a negative situation that rears its ugly head whenever it feels things have been too calm for too long. In the beginning it was tough to ignore the fallout surrounding the crazy and often I still get shock waves of anger, but overall I’ve begun to deal with it in a way that allows me to behave in a civil manner and not ruin my entire day.

bad3One of the hardest things is being silent when waves are crashing against our doors. Instead we want to scream, to yell out for help, to beg it to stop, to shake our fists angrily as they fight to engulf us. Over time I’ve learnt to let the waves roll by, let them crash against the rocks which protect me from their effects. Each time they hit the barrier, each time they come back with more force, I add another stone, I do what needs to be done to keep myself dry on the other side.

badgoodMany of you know exactly what I mean, when facing situations that seem so dire we just want to give into the rage and sadness. We long to retaliate and have our way, watching our crisis burn to ash as we do. You know what though? Often that kind of thing just makes it worse. So, let’s all try to stay behind the barrier and think about positive things, things we’re thankful for, whenever the storm clouds start gathering. We’re stronger than we give ourselves credit for, let’s start to act like it :).


Wishing you all a wonderful week and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights 🙂.

One thought on “Monday Insights: Storm Brewing? Stay Behind The Barrier.

  1. Loved this very last line: “We’re stronger than we give ourselves credit for, let’s start to act like it.” It is however sometimes hard to see ourselves as strong in the midst of drama which leaves us feeling weak. Think I would add my own last line: “We are worth more than any situation we are going through right now, because the light always comes out of the dark at the end.” Have a great week and be strong!!!

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