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vikingsWatching the new season of Vikings (yay!) and it’s living up to expectations as I’d hoped. Really like the fast pace of the show and thus far the characters are believable and seem very suited to their roles. I was especially interested in this series since it came out last year, because it’s based on Norse legends (particularly Ragnar Lodbrok) and as I’ve always been interested in cultural history, it’s a definite win. Add some blood, gore, politics and . . . I could go on, and it’s definitely a favourite of mine currently. If you’re not watching, or haven’t even heard of it and would like a new ‘epic-type’ show where winter comes and no one makes a fuss about it, you’ll definitely want to catch up with this one ^_^.
See what I did there? Game of Thrones season 4 starts in a few days too, but I have to admit that because I’ve read the books, I take a while longer to start watching the new seasons. What I haven’t been slacking on though are in this week’s . . .


research1)agents Writing, writing and more writing. Oh and when I’m not writing, there’s research to be done. Even as I’m watching certain shows, like the above mentioned Vikings (of course this depends on what I’m working on), I find that I’m still always in my story, seeing elements that I may have used, or things I want to check out to make mine more accurate, etc.
2) I’ve also been compiling a list of publishers and agents I’m interested in sending work to. This is for the epic fantasy and some others that are quietly gathering ‘bust’ (okay was trying to combine dust and bytes but it didn’t work), so gathering dust on my computer, which I want to send out. I haven’t shopped extensively before, just a few queries here or there, so decided that I was going to do so this year.
gluten1Healthy eating and working out continues for this one too *flexes muscles*. Discovered something as well: I had more gluten than I’ve had in three months within one week (so not a lot but still) and my body reacted negatively. When I exercised I felt sick and weird which isn’t customary anymore and, I also felt strange overall. The culprit is obvious haha. So yes, I like my new way of eating. I get to explore great new recipes, come up with some of my own and of course feel better all the time. Another win :)!
Wardens 3D Box14) As I said on Wednesday, ‘ THE WARDENS Season 1 Box Set (US Amazon) ‘ is now available and you can also get it here ‘ UK Amazon ‘ and here ‘ CDN Amazon. ‘


Thanks for joining me today and I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

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Lovely readers, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others ^_^!




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