Random Wednesdays: The Wardens Character Breakdowns

Wardens 3D Box1I released ‘ THE WARDENS Season 1 Box Set (US Amazon) ‘ yesterday on Amazon! Woohoo! *Does Dance* Yes, I was really excited about that as you can probably tell already lol. It’s all five (5) episodes in the first season for $2.99. You read right. Five contemporary/urban fantasy eBooks for the price of one. You can also purchase here ‘ UK Amazon ‘ and here ‘ CDN Amazon. ‘ Individually the reviews the books have been receiving are usually 4 – 5 stars and part of the reason for that I believe, is that readers are genuinely excited about the characters and the fact that the series contains little used supernatural creatures, as well as twists to those that are well known like werewolves, lycans, shifters, etc. I’m very big on having different universes for all my supernaturally inspired books and The Wardens series is no different. So new readers (welcome :)!) can definitely expect changes and fresh takes on their established favourites ^_^. In light of the box set’s release, I decided to give you guys a glimpse into the backgrounds of Erin and Zach who are the main characters of this series. I’ve left out additional info about them as I don’t want to give any spoilers ^_^. Enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions at all in the comments section, or email with queries :).





Profession: Warden
Ethnicity: Afro-Caribbean
Complexion: Dark caramel.
Height: 5’9
Eyes: Honey-brown
Hairstyle: Dyed red, curly hair to shoulders.
Age: 21
Style: Lots of black. Often tight black pants, vests, leather jackets, boots of all heights usually with a soft heel.
Abilities: Born with dark magic capabilities and is a powerful wielder, expert in various martial arts and other fighting styles, quick-thinking, agile, etc.
Personality: Feisty. She’s always going against orders and above the call of wardens’ duty, usually taking a reluctant Zach along for the ride.
Past: She was taken from an orphanage in Barbados around twelve and was adopted by Praesidium (the organisation) as are all wardens. She trained for years and at eighteen went out on assignment for a year on her own. This is done to prove to the organisation that their wardens are ready for field work. In Skins the first episode of season 1, Erin had been paired with Zach for about two years.



Profession: Warden
Height: 6’2
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Complexion: Pale/Lightly tanned
Eyes: Green
Hairstyle: Dark, wavy.
Age: In Skins almost 25.
Abilities: Gifted technician, developer of weapons, skilled fighter and excellent shot. He’s quick-thinking, a natural leader, etc.
Personality: Calm & Unassuming. He doesn’t get angry easily, but often argues with Erin as she’s one of the few that can push his buttons. Loyal.
Past: Zach was adopted by Praesidium. Unlike many of the other wardens his time in the foster system was less challenging. He started training with the organisation at twelve and saw Erin for the first time at sixteen, though she doesn’t know this. Was out on assignment for two years before being paired with another warden. Erin is his second partner.


I’ll share more details about The Wardens series in future posts, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy season 1 and catch up as the second season is coming this summer :)!

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See you all Friday and I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Awakening. The beginning of Chapter 6: Worlds Apart, will be posted this Saturday, April 5, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’.







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