Random Wednesdays: Knowledge & Excerpt

fantasy1It’s the midweek and here’s hoping it’s treating you all very well. Some of you might be wondering what’s Science Fantasy, when I talk about my novel in that genre (Awakening – When Worlds End Trilogy). Science fantasy is a weird kind of genre which for a long time many didn’t even want to recognise could be an actual thing. In summary, it’s when science fiction and fantasy collide. One example of this is Star Wars. Each Wednesday and Saturday I update this novel on Wattpad and as we move into chapter 5, I wanted to share a little snippet from Chapter 3: I Stand Alone. Now, there’s lots going on in this story and it is definitely one of those that you have to hold on and allow yourself to get lost in, but don’t worry about feeling lost, dive right in and when you’re ready to catch up, the rest will be there waiting for you ^_^. Enjoy this short excerpt:


sand 2~ Zoe felt herself momentarily tapped. Though the unending landscape was her personal sanctum, conversing with Kuntu had been taxing. Looking into the distance, she had to gather herself and her thoughts, concepts crystallizing within the depths of her inexperienced mind. A mind that had come into being so recently and yet felt like it reached further and further into distant lands, with faces before vividly clear.
sand1She wondered how long it would take before it dawned on Kuntu what had happened. His significance to her had only been cemented by their meeting. She knew now that she had done the right thing, that this was something that had to happen. She saw images before her eyes of his destiny and untold possible futures stretching even further than the seemingly empty dunes of this desert. She needed Kuntu, this was something she had realized with an even greater sense of certainty now that she could feel his presence. It soothed her and worried her simultaneously, while solidifying the concepts of destiny that were already growing exponentially, wildly, inside the innermost parts of her mind that no one knew but her. The endless desert seemed to be filled with Kuntu’s energy, a leftover sense of his strength and purpose, something for Zoe to feed off of when she was in doubt. It was her hope that he would join the growing ranks of paragons who would help her achieve what needed to be. Goals that she knew she would never be able to manage on her own. A few were already established in the web that was beginning to take a less erratic, more ordered shape, all completely different and unaware of themselves and what life had in store for them.
sand3These individuals were not chosen by her, any more than she was chosen by them and time, though it was previously a difficult concept to grasp, would play a much greater role she feared, than previously anticipated. In having to speed up her progress, Zoe shuddered to think what would happen when beings who thought they had found everything they wanted from life, who thought they were safe in their quiet, isolated existences, suddenly found out that there were entities whose mere words could affect their lives in unimaginable ways. How would they react when finally realization dawned on them of an existence far bigger, far more threatening, than the crude confines of a simplified reality? How would she if confronted? What if there was more than even she knew?


There are some characters that constantly resonate with you as a writer and in this case I’m a huge fan of both Kuntu and Zoe. As this story continues, you’ll see the great significance of both of them and find out if Zoe ever gets her very relevant questions answered ^_^. Thanks for joining me lovely readers and I’ll see you Friday :)!


Please note that Part 2 of Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 4 of my science fantasy novel Awakening (When Worlds End Trilogy) is now available for your reading pleasure here: ’Lights, Camera, Action! (Pt. 2)’

See you all Friday and I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Awakening. The beginning of Chapter 5: The Fated 1 & Other Stories , will be posted this Saturday, March 29th, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’.







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