Random Wednesdays: Cemetery Party (The Wardens Excerpt)

It’s the midweek and I’m so glad you’re all here to share it with me. Hopefully it’s been treating you well and you’ve been getting all you need done out of the way :).

WARDENS POSTER 8 - GENERALOn April 1, 2014, that’s just under two weeks from now, I’ll be releasing The Wardens Season 1 e-box set. That’s five episodes (see links below if you’d like to purchase them separately) of thrilling, action-packed urban/contemporary fantasy, chock full of engaging characters, rogue supernaturals (of all kinds), dark magic, guns and lots more. Here’s a snippet from the last book in this first season, Episode 5: Cemetery Party. You’re entering near the end of an argument involving one of the wardens, Erin and Nikolai, a member of the Vampire High Council. Enjoy :):


fantasy1“Each time your words are more or less the same,” he said quietly, “Each time I wish to rip the tongue of lies from your opened mouth and each time I wait, until the time proves right, until your memories collide, until your eyes look upon me with the hate I have grown to know.” Erin shook her head emphatically,
woman1“Believe me when I say I want nothing to do with you. If it wasn’t for this fucking case I wouldn’t even be here.” She was so angry. Only two months before she’d been her regular self and now there were psycho vampires and death bound sisters to deal with. There was only so much one person could take. Sensing her frustration but not caring in the least, Nikolai sealed her coffin with words that sent chills down Erin’s spine.
depths“Your past is your present, your future your past, it will circle and return as it always has and though your rising is far earlier than expected I, as has always been, will be the one who sends you back to the depths of the world from whence you came.”

Nikolai’s going to have an even bigger role in season 2 of The Wardens and those five new episodes will be coming in summer. So, why not grab the first five which will be sold for the price of one (1? I know right?) on April 1st ^_^?


Please note that Part 2 of I Stand Alone, Chapter 3 of my science fantasy novel Awakening (When Worlds End Trilogy) is now available for your reading pleasure here: ’I Stand Alone (Pt. 2)’

See you all Friday and I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Awakening. The beginning of Chapter 4: Lights, Camera, Action, will be posted this Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’.







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