Random Wednesdays: Dark Fantasy WIP (Excerpt)

relaxIt’s the midweek, are you guys surviving so far? I hope so and if it’s a tough one for any of you, take a breath, relax, do something that makes you happy and face the coming new day with a refreshed spirit ^_^.
Regular readers know how I am when it comes to writing by now. I usually work on multiple projects at a time — it’s just my process. One that I’ve been working on intermittently for the last year or so is a dark fantasy that I’ve shared a couple excerpts from before.
Here’s a short excerpt from the unnamed WIP, taken from chapter 11, enjoy :):

~    Aeshma and Targo moved quickly through the Kurg temple. Its stone walls were painted white, smatterings of drawings depicting their past at every turn. Aeshma imagined they must be rather interesting reading at any other time, but as her excitement grew at the prospect of laying hands upon the necessary item, her mind was consumed by this thought alone. She had not told her guard the reason for her movements and had only used his impressive methods of persuasion to ensure that she found out exactly where it was being kept. Yet, as they came closer to the inner sanctum that was said to house it, Aeshma slowed,
swordsman“Stay here Targo, I will return soon.” She disappeared down a pathway lit by large white candles and Targo took up position against the wall, watching for anything that moved. Just moments passed, when a shadow made him pull his sword from its sheath. ~

I honestly love the character Targo, a strong, loyal soldier of Aeshma’s and when he draws his sword, well, the rest is usually history ^_^.


Please note that Part 2 of The Scientist & The Assassin, Chapter 2 of my science fantasy novel Awakening (When Worlds End Trilogy) is now available for your reading pleasure here: ‘The Scientist & The Assassin (Pt. 2)’

See you all Friday and I hope you enjoy the latest installment of Awakening. The beginning of Chapter 3: I Stand Alone, will be posted this Saturday, March 15, 2014.






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