Friday Highlights 76

tvshows1Hannibal is back. Vikings is back. Suits is back. Bates Motel is back. I think you all can pretty much imagine the party happening in my pants (probably not the expression I want to use) for just some of the great shows that have returned. The amusing thing is, I’ve not been able to catch up. Just been too busy. However, when I do, you can be sure to hear my thoughts on the blood-curdling, scream-worthy awesome of them all. Well, except for Suits, unless you replace that with office hardcore madness?

I’ve gotten pretty hardcore this week too *wink* *wink*. Oh, it’s not what you think . . .



a-new-chapter1) Chapter 1 of my science fantasy novel Awakening (When Worlds End Trilogy) is now available in full after I posted ‘Dreams & Sand (Pt. 2)’ on Wednesday. If you haven’t started the story yet, you can catch up just in time for the first part of Chapter 2: The Scientist & The Assassin, being released tomorrow here: ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’ Remember, the story is updated every Wednesday and Saturday :).
images2) Work continues on my epic fantasy WIP. It’s interesting working in this branch of the genre, the experience is very different to any other I’ve tried so far (YA, dark, paranormal, etc). The process has been rather different too. Usually I’d just sit and write and be good. With this epic, I find myself taking a day or sometimes two in between chapters to hash out where I want to go next in my head before making a keystroke. It’s weird for me, not bad, just different.
index3) I’m now one of the many newly gluten-free people (I’m assuming) that made the potato starch verses potato flour mistake this week. Either way I know the difference now (after researching). In my defense, we don’t get a wide range of gluten-free products as easily here (in Barbados) and I was hoping for brown rice flour (which I adore) but couldn’t get any so the only other option I wanted to use was potato. As I wasn’t the one who picked it up, didn’t read the fine print that pointed to use in gravies, sauces, etc. So for reference — starch = baking, flour = thickening.


That’s all for today, have a fabulous weekend and be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others.





N.B: Those of you who’ve been with me for six months or longer, please note that the original Friday format has changed from featuring a blogger each Friday, to once a month.
This month’s featured blogger is: ‘Ernesto San Giacomo.’
You can also read about some of the crazy things that have happened in my life using the keywords Jackie Reveals. Additionally, check out Caribbean Dos and Don’ts ‘here’.


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