Monday Insights: Dreams

daydream1I daydream quite a bit. I dream about the future, about things I want to accomplish, about stories, character development, a better life for my family — I have all kinds of happy places rolled into beautiful daydreams.

Some think it’s fruity to be a daydreamer, to go off to imagined places at will while the world goes on around us, I say, don’t buy into this belief.

dream1Dreams create goals, can keep us grounded and are wonderful moments in time when reality gets us down. They are ours alone and though many might share elements of the dreams we have, they are always little differences that make them uniquely and wonderfully ours. The trick is this: Don’t just dream, work towards these seeming ‘wisps of colour’. Push yourself to allow what you dream to become reality. Things that seem unattainable, are often within our reach as long as we focus, open ourselves to the opportunities available to us and once again, work hard to achieve them.

daydreamIt’s a wonderful feeling to see a dream come to fruition. I have many more tucked away in my mental dream box and I’m sure you do too. Let’s make them happen :).


Wishing all you lovely readers a great week and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).