Friday Highlights 75

archer1Haven’t caught up on many shows this week as I’ve been pretty busy, however I did get in a bit of comedy and I’d have to say the top pick for this week was definitely Archer. Seems this season’s found its stride finally. Why do I like this animated ‘menace’? What can I say, the show’s got it all, intrigue, cocaine addiction, bionic men, a crazy country star, a pregnant super spy and of course, the ‘loving’ relationship between “Archer” and “Woodhouse”, to name a few of my reasons ^_^.

In the real world though . . .



typing1) Still hard at work on my epic fantasy WIP. I’m a few chapters from the end and in that place where I’m wondering what goes where, but as I intend this one to be a series, I’m fleshing the story out and where ever that takes me, I’m willing to hold on for the ride :).

story2) This weekend I’m going to begin posting chapters of Awakening, the first book in my science fantasy trilogy: When Worlds End. As it’s Wattpad and the chapters are lengthy, I’ll be breaking them into two parts. The first part will be posted on Saturdays, while the second will be posted on Wednesdays. Don’t worry, I’ll leave little reminders in my Random Wednesday posts :).

I sliced mine even thinner and fried them crispier :).

3) Tried a new recipe this week, which is a healthier alternative to regular potato chips (fries). Seasoned Green Banana Chips: Thinly sliced green bananas, thyme, basil, sea salt & coconut oil. So easy, filling, delicious and most of all, great for you :). Make sure the bananas are really green and I’ve found that the crispier they are, the better.


That’s all for now, thanks so much for joining me today and remember to check out ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad’ for my new posting tomorrow :). Be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others ^_^.







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