Random Wednesdays: When Worlds End: Awakening (Sneak Peak)

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book18Last week I said this, “Coming to Wattpad in March 2014 will be a new chapter weekly, from Awakening, the first book in my science fantasy trilogy When Worlds End.” As you can probably imagine I’m pretty excited about releasing the prologue and chapter 1 of the book on Saturday (March 1st, 2014) and hope you’ll all be able to have a look here: ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad’.

Tune in each Saturday for a brand new chapter,  as currently this story will only be found on Wattpad.
Tune in each Saturday for a brand new chapter, as currently this story will only be found on Wattpad.

There’s lots happening in Awakening and each week a new chapter will be revealed on Wattpad. Who knows, one week may find you among a primitive people, while another may expose you to realities better left untouched. Whatever the case, each Saturday readers will be given pieces of this intricate puzzle, as you try to figure out what happens next ^_^. Here’s another short sneak people from Awakening chapter 1: Dreams.




desert~ Slowly she wandered through the heavy sand, no recollection of a before, no idea of a final destination and no memories except of the last three days, where she had done nothing but walk in this desolate place of sand dunes and valleys.

The sun baked her light caramel skin, freckles spawning by the hundreds. In the first days, she’d found some amusement counting the ones on her arms, but now, this occupation seemed tiresome and she had taken to watching her feet instead. The way they sank in a bit and how the sand tried to swallow them before they moved forward again. As she moved onward, ever onward, purposefully, as if there was an invisible path she unconsciously followed. ~


See all you wonderful people on Friday and be sure to log onto my Wattpad page (link above) on Saturday for the prologue and first chapter of this fast-paced journey :)!







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