Friday Highlights 73

arrowThis season of Arrow is definitely better than the last. I recently started watching and I’m not usually a huge comic book hero fan (anime/manga heroes are more my speed ^_^), but I’m liking the direction. I’ve heard a few of my friends going on about who (usually some major character from the comic books) they hope will enter the show next, but for now I’m just glad that they’re giving more depth to the characters in general.

Otherwise I’ve been creating worlds of my own, as you’ll see in this week’s . . .



epic1) Working steadily on the first in an epic fantasy series which I’m hoping to finish by early March 2014 at the latest. I’ll let you know how I do with that.

release2) Season 2 of The Wardens and part 2 of The Tenari Trilogy (to be renamed Rise of the Zei Trilogy), are to be released before summer. I’m locking down dates, especially as most progress had to slow down as I recover, but I’m still confident that these books should hit virtual shelves by May – June 2014 at the latest.

3) I have a list of work I want to complete this year and some of these include finishing trilogies, etc, as I don’t want to just have bits of work here or there unfinished. A few of these are books I solely want to submit to agents and or publishers for now (including the epic), while others will either be released much later in the year, or in early 2015.

time4) Tried a light workout a few days ago and though I felt a bit off, overall I also felt like I could do much more. However, still taking it easy, eating well which is doing wonders for my body overall and resting as much as I can so I can really get moving during March and onward. Note to selves: Taking a few weeks off now to make sure you’re in good shape emotionally, mentally and physically, is better than having to take a few months later.

That’s all for today, wishing you all a fantastic weekend and be good safe and share the good vibes with others :)!








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