Friday Highlights 72

images1I started The Blacklist this week and caught up on this, a show I’ve wanted to see since it was advertising, but hadn’t been able to get to it. Who said downtime was all bad ^_^? Suffice to say I like the storyline, though I get truly annoyed at “Special Agent Elizabeth Keen” (Megan Boone) as she continuously gets steamrolled by her husband “Tom Keen” (Ryan Eggold). I try to be understanding though, most of us have been unlucky in love at some time or other . . . *pushes skeletons back into the closet*.

Other than adoring James Spader’s role as “Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington” however, I’ve been up to some other things like . . .



image21) I put together a detailed list of information including character profiles, universe info, race info, dark magic breakdown, etc, for The Wardens’ first season. I find doing this is very important especially for an ongoing series, trilogy, etc, as it allows the writer to quickly pull information that inevitably gets forgotten, among other things lol, when necessary. I didn’t do it for that reason this time however, but I can’t say why yet ^_^.

For example, this rice flour and flax meal based Berry Banana Bread. So good :)!
For example, this rice flour and flax meal based Berry Banana Bread (Trademark lol). So good :)!

2) ‘Baking’ was literally my middle name this week, as cooking and baking relax me and, as I’m doing the ’12-steps to a stress-free you’ this February, I’ve been trying to get back into things that make me happy and calm. Added to that, since I’m traversing the new world of gluten-free and having to avoid foods I’ve been accustomed to my whole life, it’s been fun experimenting and figuring out which combos I really enjoy :).

Thank goodness no lols!
Thank goodness no lols!

3) In that same vein, I’m so excited to start back writing again. I put a pause on it for a little while, just to get my bearings as I was recovering, but in that time I’ve mentally progressed stories and made physical notes so I can make like a rocket and take off. *Snickers*

4) Secrets of the Tenari (Book 1 in the Tenari Trilogy), Skins (The Wardens Episode 1) & Howl (The Wardens Episode 2) have been free on Amazon all this week. They’re still some hours left if you didn’t get your free copies of the YA paranormal/fantasy and urban fantasy (Adult) series respectively :). See links below and click away!

N.B: For those who don’t have Kindles, don’t worry, FREE BOOKS will be coming in more formats soon ^_^.


That’s all for today lovely readers, wishing you guys a great weekend and remember to be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).









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Wardens7Love contemporary fantasy? Check out Skins (The Wardens: Episode 1) ‘here’, Howl (The Wardens: Episode 2) ‘here’,Lust (The Wardens: Episode 3) ‘here’, Taken (The Wardens: Episode 4) ‘here’ and Cemetery Party (The Wardens: Episode 5) ‘here’ on Amazon!

SotT Front CoverMy YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari (Book 1 of The Tenari Trilogy) can be found ‘on Amazon,’

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