Random Wednesdays: Mentis Obscura

finishHey lovely readers! I hope the week’s been treating you well so far. I’m still in recovery mode, so not feeling great, but I can eat more now so yay! *Does dance*

This week I’m going to share an excerpt from a WIP that I’d started years ago and have no clue if I’m ever going to continue, because well, it happens that way sometimes ^_^. Enjoy the beginning, of the currently – pretentiously titled (lol) Mentis Obscura – never know if it will have its end ^_^:


train1~ . . . The train stopped suddenly. Suddenly to him because he had been mesmerized by his world of shapes and dreams, a place where no one else could enter. He thought of her lazily as he followed them. Followed the sea of black and greys, whites and browns. Much unlike his own images, pictures of vivid imaginary people and things. Grotesque. Hateful.

They ignored him. Ignored him as much as they could a man of his towering height, overlooked him as he blended into the foliage of walls, graffiti and half naked teenagers.Took him for granted as another ebony man with no purpose or power and the truth was, he liked it this way. It left him free to observe the dirty side streets, the rolling stairs, the clueless people. Left him free to hunt.

hunter1He remembered hunting with her. She was the only one who could understand his need. Thirst. He lingered on her face in the recesses of his brain for a moment. Blew out an exasperated stream of hot air from his lips, causing another man to look curiously back at him. He hadn’t noticed that while lost in his thoughts he had increased pace and was now centimeters from the bulk of anonymous flesh.~


I get the feeling that piece of flesh’s going to be dinner ^_^. See you all Friday :)!







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