Monday Insights: What If? Be Happy.

whatif1What if you knew that you were slowly killing yourself? Would you do anything to stop it?


oldfriendThe past few months I’ve undergone tons of changes, many good, but other experiences haven’t been as lovely. One of my faults (that I’m working on) is over-thinking things, which means that I tend to deal with stress as an old friend. It’s that friend that you don’t notice is there until all your food’s gone and there’s a ton of laundry that isn’t yours piled up on the floor.

stressed-catAs some of my regular readers know, I was sick recently and things reached a new high last week. Sure, some of the problems are because of changes in my body etc, but a large part and one that became clearer to me a few days ago, is that I’ve been extremely stressed. It went past the place where it’s healthy and helps progress and started driving down a more sinister street. I realised in no uncertain terms that the saying: Stress Kills, is no joke.


happyReaders, be happy. Do the things that make you happy. Discard of people, thoughts, emotions that envelope you in nothing but negative emotions. Meditate, dance in the middle of the afternoon, start painting again, love those around you, feel the good vibes coursing through you as you start to embrace the beauty all around.

happiness-7stepsThe silver lining of this experience for me was on a paint-by-numbers basis. I learnt how important it is to my overall health to leave the stress at the door. Change isn’t overnight, but taking the right steps can help us to live fulfilling, joyful, stress-free lives.

So, what if you knew you were killing yourself slowly, what would you do?




Thanks so much for joining me today readers and I hope you have a wonderful week. For more titbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights 🙂.

4 thoughts on “Monday Insights: What If? Be Happy.

  1. My stress factor will begin in February (wow I actually have it scheduled). Taking steps for our move from Texas to Idaho.
    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better Jackie.:-)

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re handling the stress Jackie, it’s tough when you’re not feeling well. Just keep soldiering on and remember why you want what you’ve dreamed of all of your life. It will keep you focuses on making it come true.

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