Friday Highlights 70

teenwolfnvampCaught up on Teen Wolf (TW) and Vampire Diaries (VD) this week and I have to say that the former is definitely kicking the other’s ass. I’m a huge fan of vampires, but having written a couple stories with my own lore for both vamps and werewolves, the dark, edgy approach of TW is definitely appealing to me more. I guess it’s because VD always seems like so much romance thrown in for good measure, which is great if that’s your thing, but for this kind of show I prefer less drama, more ‘who’s about to be killed next’. My life this week however, has been much less exciting as you’ll see in . . .


illish31) My week has been spent not realising I was getting ill, to covering the ‘slight’ illness with meds, to those not working and me having to make a mad rush to the doctor’s, be put on a nebulizer machine and be given more meds and, resting. As such, the main things I’ve been using my computer for are to keep up with social networking to some extent and as I said in this week’s Random Wednesdays, otherwise, I’ve done most things from my phone.
ideas-progress2) The good news is that having to relax has allowed me to progress a few ideas in my head for some pre-existing stories and those I want to work on in the future. This is always a great thing, so that makes me happy :).
3) I’ve been approached to do some script writing and since this is something I’ve done on a very small scale before, it’ll be interesting to work on a larger one, especially as it’s a field of writing I wanted to dive into this year.
fan14) It’s always great to have readers who’re not into a particular genre say that they enjoyed a book anyway and that’s what happened recently for Secrets of the Tenari. Another non-YA reader liked it! I’ve been told this before and I love when it happens, not only because it means that you have fans outside of the particular book’s market, but having mainly written for adult readers over the course, it’s cool to have this kind of response :).

That’s all for today lovely readers. Wishing you a great weekend, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).







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