Random Wednesdays: What Do Writers Do When They’re Sick?

illishBeing ill most eloquently put: Sucks. I’m not a regular on the ‘god of sickness’ list, but when I am there, like now – writing this and wishing the post nasal drip would find another hobby – I can’t do as much as I’d like and get antsy.

Luckily I’m not so ill that I can’t function, but it’s enough that just sitting at the computer, coughing every few seconds gets really old, fast. I’ve been down for a few days and in this time period have fallen behind on the January to-do list and, at first I was feeling a little annoyed by this, but decided to rest up so I get better faster.

illish1So, now that I’m ill(ish), how do I keep working?

Well, besides allowing ideas to run rampant and dreaming about everything and nothing, my phone has become a saviour. I write on it with my trusty stylus and jot down things to remember when I don’t feel like heading over to the computer (remember, I prefer working from the desktop). When the itch is really bad and I decide to ignore the well-advised rest advice, in exchange for ‘staring at the screen frantically working’ routine, I get cranking on my laptop from bed, because well, sometimes I just have to.

dowhatyoucanThat’s it. I try what I can, when I can, because I know those words, ideas, etc rolling around in my head aren’t always going to wait around for me to get cracking, so if I can, I will.


Heading back to bed lovely readers, see you all Friday :)!







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6 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: What Do Writers Do When They’re Sick?

  1. With the tea and honey I recommend some brandy or another similar elixir. If I’m going to be sick I want to do it in style, oblivious to the world. But yeah, being sick can be a real bummer when you’d really rather get things done.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. Thanks for the comment, I tried a shot or so in tea a few days ago, but turns out the issue was more serious than alcohol could handle lol.

      All the best :)!

    1. Thanks so much! Lots of meds and on the road to recovery :). Wishing you all the best too ^_^.

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