Monday Insights: Hold Steady; Keep Going

Keep a secretMy book sales are holding steady. They’re not increasing or decreasing just stable at the moment. For a few weeks this harassed me as I thought about all the reasons my books might not be flying off virtual shelves. I started feeling badly about not having all the capital I’d like to market as I would and my face would fall when I saw my books far down the list of the many thousands on Amazon.

Then one day I just stopped. I saw the silver lining which was this: You’re still selling Jackie, you’re not falling further – off the list, it’s okay.

Sometimes it’s tough for us to see any good in situations when our dreams say something different. It’s tough to look past what’s actually in front of us, for what we want right now. It can be damn hard, but we’ll get there.

keepgoingI’m an advocate for working hard and believing in yourself and your capabilities and I know that one day I’ll click on my books and they’ll be higher in the rankings, there will be more reviews, etc. Whatever it is we want, we can have. Keep at it lovely readers. Just keep going :).



Thanks for joining me everyone and I hope you have a great week. For more titbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).


5 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Hold Steady; Keep Going

    1. Guess I didn’t really look at it that way, but thanks for pointing it out. All we can do is keep at the things we love and keep on producing quality product so the masses start to sit up and take notice ^_^.

      Also, where can I find the link to your new short? On your blog?

      1. The covers for each short are a kindle link (just click on the thumbnail picture). Right beneath each photo is the Nook link.
        If you want to comment on my blog about a short story. There are multiple links. The top bar has one Home About Me Short Stories. The top of the first column has another one SHORT STORY FEEDBACK Click here…
        There’s a third one at the bottom of the welcome message on the home page.
        Thanks Jackie! 🙂

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