Friday Highlights 69

banshee1For the past couple nights I’ve been binge watching Banshee and I have to say, though some of it’s a bit much (the fact that apparently everyone in the town wants to sleep with ‘Sheriff Hobbs’ – Antony Starr) I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters. I like that there’s so much going on all the time, yet everything somehow ends up intersecting to form a decent plot. Also, absolutely in love with the sashaying but badass as all hell character ‘Job’ – Hoon Lee. Even better (yes, I’ll stop gushing after this), ‘Nola Longshadow’ – Odette Annable reminds me of a character I’m working on for my dark fantasy. Think she’ll read for the part? Lol. (Only half kidding). Anyway guys, let’s get into this week’s . . .


vlogging11) Did some filming this week, so short vlogs should be coming from me in February :). I’ll tell you exactly what the closer that comes ^_^.
2) Uploaded chapter 4 of Elfin Blood: Fallen to Wattpad today, because it’s one of the things I want to stick to this year. Next week chapter five will come knocking and until then you can check out the chapters on Wattpad ‘here’.
3) Still having a few difficulties when I’m eating certain things, etc, but it continues to bode well for my health and cutting inches overall. It’s weird though, the year opened and so many people have been getting ill. My editor and close friend P.R. Steale is back in the hospital, but thankfully he’s stable and recovering.
working14) I’ve also been working on the epic fantasy this week. It’s very dear to my heart because of the content and I’m working towards finishing the first draft by the end of January 2014 :).


That’s all for today’s line-up. I wish you all a wonderful weekend, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others ^_^!







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