Monday Insights: Rise Above The Lies

cheek1It can be really tough when people spread lies about us. It’s especially more painful when these individuals are those we trust or love. The idea of turning the other cheek can become foreign, as all we want to do is clear our names no matter the cost. However, this is far from the right way and often just makes things worse.

bombsWhile it can appear as though justice has turned a blind eye in these situations, take a closer look. Why are these individuals smearing filth around? Why do they seem so intent on making us look like the bad guys? Having been through this at a serious level a couple times, I can tell you that originally all I wanted to do was clear the air and let the world know my side of the story, but then I thought: what will that accomplish? Instead I held my tongue, vented at times sure, but overall just let my life carry on as though bombs weren’t dropping at every turn.

I’m not advocating that you never stick up for yourself, but there’s a thin line between that and aggravating a situation that has no end in sight unless you walk away from the shattering glass.

rut1It gets easier to handle and soon you realise that you’re moving forward while many of those causing offense are simply in a rut, unable to move beyond the past. At times they’re still trying to share the same untrue stories years later and we’re looking around like ‘who cares?’ because those that matter know the truth and are still standing by us. Even if we feel there’s no one in our corner, how sweet is it to expose the real truth of situations without ever having uttered a word, because often those that once believed the lies, look at our lives and how we’re living and wonder ‘could any of it have been true?’

smiling1In summary, though we all hate being thrown under buses that we didn’t even know were there, by rising above the fray we get through these rough patches with smiles firmly in place :).


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9 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Rise Above The Lies

  1. Great post and the fact is that we will always have ‘haters’ in our lives. Someone somewhere is saying something negative about us and while we wish they weren’t the key is to keep moving ahead postiviely – and rise above the lies. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. If there’s one person that could pull it off, it would probably be you and, you’d have the offender laughing by the end of it too lol.

      You too Lawrence!

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