Random Wednesdays: Unnamed WIP (Excerpt)

books1I tend to work on multiple WIPs at once. It’s just a part of my process and I’m seeing that 2014 is going to be no different. However, one of the things I’ve decided to do within the first months of this year, is to complete those that are outstanding before I begin anything new. Sometimes this can be hard for a writer, as so many ideas like to find their way into our brains during any given day, but not only is this my way of tying up the loose ends, but appeasing those readers who’ve been asking me about follow-up books to those I already have published as well. (See links at the end of this post). Without further adieu though, today I want to share an excerpt from a tentatively named unnamed WIP I’m quite in love with: Demons, a thriving underworld? What more could you want? Enjoy ^_^:



demon1~ “He says my name, finally. I thought you had forgotten it.” Lilith winked suggestively, a simple flirt that in years past would have easily taken him to her bed. Targo shook these thoughts away, reminding himself of his purpose.

“You should attend to your duties, before the queen returns,”

“So she has made way down there?” Lilith asked, moving so quickly that had Targo not been expecting it, she would have already been barrelling down the pathway after Aeshma. His quick step in front of her had cut Lilith off, causing her to crash into him instead, their armour clinking as they connected, disturbing the relative quiet of the dank temple. Lilith looked up at him, a faint remnant of her smile still on her lips,

demon1“It would be better if iron did not separate us,” she said, lightly touching Targo’s face. Her skin against his was still as enticing as he remembered it and for moments he simply looked down at her, taking in this new corpse she had acquired, that was so different from the last. He gripped her arms, feeling the cold of metal instead,“Yet this is the case and you, must go,” he said firmly. Lilith moved away from him, feeling the moment she lost him as strongly as when they’d first had to part ways. She gathered herself and her thoughts,

“Very well, entreat the queen on my behalf when she returns. I wish to have words with her.” With that she turned, moving like the shadowed figure that had first approached and Targo watched, trying not to long for something he knew he could no longer have. ~








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7 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: Unnamed WIP (Excerpt)

  1. Never read your work before (except blog posts). How would you rate your books? (I mean like a movie rating) I can see you do YA books, but this excerpt seems to have a lot of sexual desire and tension. (Which you’ve handled well)

    1. Thanks for the comments :).

      To clarify, I’m mainly a fantasy & sci-fi author across the genres and age groups, from YA to adult. This excerpt is actually from an adult work.

      As for rating my books, I enjoy them (of course) but much prefer the actual rating to come from readers ^_^.

        1. Agreed. People are entitled to their opinion, but I feel that in any pursuit if you feel the need to spread your wings you should be able to do so. It’s unfortunate that some might stunt their growth thinking they need to ‘stay inside the lines’.

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