Monday Insights: Banish Excuses

Today’s title might seem a little dramatic, but it’s one of those things that most (if not all of us) struggle with.

Even Spidey doesn't get off the hook ^_^.
Even Spidey doesn’t get off the hook ^_^.

We can literally find every reason on the planet not to do something. ‘My leg hurts so I can’t go for a run today’ — even though we can do other exercises that don’t require legs; ‘I’m so tired, so I’ll nap then get up and work’ — two hours later we’re up still watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (don’t you judge me)!

The point is, our brains are experts at finding ways to avoid doing things that will actually help us to progress. Which is damn ironic if you ask me.

That’s why we have to quite literally banish excuses. When they come to us, looking all shiny and wrapped up in family dropping by unannounced or a rich chocolate cake that will ruin the diet if we have that extra slice, we have to hold our heads high, let the lone tear roll down our cheeks for emphasis, then walk away. Keep at what we’re doing to improve our lives so that this time next year, we won’t feel like we ‘could’ve’, ‘should’ve’ . . .  but didn’t. It doesn’t mean we block out everything else all the time, but if we learn to balance our lives better, suddenly excuses won’t be able to creep in as easily, because we’ll be able to do it all :).



Wishing you all a fantastic week and for more titbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

3 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Banish Excuses

  1. Well said Jackie. I have found that self-discipline can be the root of happiness and satisfaction. Habitually giving in to all of the excuses starts to create depressing mental musings.

    “…even though we can do other exercises that don’t require legs.” Do you mean like lifting a fork to my mouth? 🙂

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