A Very Random Thursday

whatdayI woke up this morning realising that it wasn’t Wednesday, but Thursday. Even though all around me the days were being proclaimed, in my head, I have been getting mixed up since Monday. Due to this lapse in ‘day sense’ I missed yesterday’s Random Wednesdays blog post :(.


programming1I want to apologise to all my readers. I take pride in the three-day line up of this blog (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) and want to assure you that something like this will not become a regular occurrence. So I will see you all tomorrow as we return to our regular schedule :).


happy_new_year_2_1920On a less serious note: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so excited to be heading into it with all of you lovely readers and wish you prosperity, good vibes and positive progress, throughout this year and beyond :)!









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14 thoughts on “A Very Random Thursday

  1. Happy New Year Jackie! I’m on holiday so it could be Monday or Wednesday or yes, Thursday … I never know. Am sure though everything will become much clearer when I go back to the office. In the meantime, here’s wishing you a wonderfully successful and prosperous 2014; know you’ll make it a great year.

    1. Lol! Oh lovely holiday and such a good time for it too. You can reflect and relax and ignore the rat race going on all around as people get back into the swing of things :).

      Thanks so much for your well wishes, continue to enjoy your vacation and when you go back, I hope you can take all the good feelings inspired by the rest with you :).

      1. Thank you Jackie. I have yet to put up a 2014 calendar, so this helps immensely. Be careful though, I may expect these kind of updates every day! Keep smiling. 🙂

      1. According to my New Year’s post concerning my 2014 writing goals, I plan on releasing a new short story each month. Done for January!
        “A Purveyor of Odd Things” is available for Kindles and Nooks. 🙂

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