Monday Insights: Happiness Only

happiness1So the title of today’s post might seem like a pipe dream. So many things happen in our lives that avert good feelings elsewhere, so it’s often difficult to imagine only being happy.

I am a person who has lived life on both scales. For many years I was pessimistic, depressed and basically laughing on the outside when inside all I wanted to do was happiness2be glum. Something in me flipped the script a while ago and I decided to try my hand at being more positive and genuinely alive. The process hasn’t always been easy, in fact, some days, weeks, months (lol), have been harder than others, but I’ve found that by holding onto the core idea of ‘happiness only’, I’ve been able to maintain a cheerful perspective and enjoy life and its challenges.

I’m a huge believer in getting back what we put into the universe. Emphasized by my sad years, as compared to the happier version of my life. Happiness only, doesn’t mean that no matter what happens we’ll be flushed with good feelings. What it happiness3means to me is that we’ll be able to take the trials and hardships as they come and turn a positive eye on them. We’ll be able to see the silver linings, even if they’re nothing but a sliver and continue on to positive growth and progress.

From today and in the new year
, let’s try to remember to be happy, happiness4enjoy our lives to the fullest, share these feelings with others and receive the good that is just waiting to rain down upon us :).


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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Happiness Only

    1. That sounds amazing Valentine. I hope that eventually we’ll both be able to keep on the right path without even thinking about it ^_^.

      Wishing you success in every aspect of your life :).

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