Monday Insights: Be Stress Free

happy-holidaysBefore I launch into today’s post, let me first say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Even if you don’t celebrate, I wish you nothing but the best as we head towards the new year :).



stressOver the years I’ve had issues with stress. I was (sometimes still am) the kind of person who would take on other people’s problems, immerse myself in them, while still dealing with my own troubles. As I’ve matured, I’ve tried to keep away from being stressed out unnecessarily as more than once I’ve experienced negative physical issues because of it. Just recently I started noticing something like this and in my fight to avoid the doctor, I’m trying to calm myself and not worry about random things, especially as before this happened I had no idea I was even remotely stressed, as I’d felt perfectly fine.

Stress1Stress is one of those things that can creep up on us unannounced and when it does can throw us for the kind of loop that we wouldn’t wish on an enemy. It can slow us down, harm us physically and if we’re not careful, do its worst. So today I want to send out the reminder, not just to all you lovely readers, but to myself: Keep stress at bay. Eradicate it. Do whatever is necessary to feel good and free and relaxed. Even if we’re under deadlines, dealing with crazy family issues, or any of the many other things that can cause us to freak out internally, let’s try to find common ground so we maintain our good feelings, not only on the surface but on the physical level, so our bodies don’t stand up in revolt.


Looking forward to a stress-free future and for more titbits like this, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

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