Random Wednesdays: The Tenari Trilogy (Book 2 Excerpt)

This didn't happen, just thought it was amusing ^_^.
This didn’t happen, just thought it was amusing ^_^.

Hey all, how’s it going now we’ve reached the mid-week? As always I wish you well :). I’m coming to you live from my laptop this week, as my monitor for the desktop gave up the ghost this morning. Why did this make news? Well, because usually the only thing I do on this system is write, so you’re sharing a novel moment with me right now! Can’t say we never did anything new together :).

books1This week I’m going to share an excerpt from book 2 in The Tenari Trilogy. I plan to release the next two books next year and for those YA paranormal/fantasy fans who haven’t yet read Secrets of the Tenari (book 1) you should get on that, as these are the kind of fae you don’t read about in books ^_^. Enjoy the short excerpt:


snow1~ “We’re not really going to do this are we?” Still Tai said nothing, all his focus on chewing the tough meat.

“Maybe we can get them to tell us somehow, then just, I don’t know, disappear on our way to the other village.” Still nothing and even though I had a pretty good idea what he was thinking, his silence was becoming a little more than frustrating.”Well? Say something Tai.”

“What is it you want me to say?” He asked swallowing, “We made an agreement with Yuok and on my honour, I will not break it.”

“But it’s crazy! We can’t just kill a whole bunch of people who’ve never done us anything, that’s just . . .”

snow3“. . . Unthinkable? So is putting your life on the line for Noah, yet, here we are.” He set the bowl down next to him, then lay back on the woven straw mats that had been provided for us to sleep on. I studied him for a moment. He’d shed his outer wear when we’d come in from the cold and the dim light cast by a covered flame in one corner of the room, complimented his muscular outline.

“You should not be staring, only sleeping,” he said, his voice rising up to me as gruffly as the first time he’d arrived at my house to ‘train’ me.

“Why did you come with me Tai?”

“You know why,” came the response.

“No, actually I don’t. I don’t know why you helped me before or why you kept my secret and I know you don’t care about Noah, so what is it?” Tai sat back up, looking at me intently,

“I do not break my deals and to protect you was a deal made with the Lady Rena. As for your secret? What is to be gained from sharing your truth? Especially with my family? They have proven their forgotten honour, but I will not.” ~


So much happened in such a short space of time and you’ll only know what if you read book 1 :). See you all Friday!








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