Monday Insights: Resolutions – Start Now!

resolution1‘Resolution’ is going to be an even more popular buzzword within the next weeks as we near the end of 2013. Someone asked me just recently what my resolutions were and inevitably I thought of things that I wanted to be better, or to achieve in 2014. However, what I haven’t been doing is waiting for the clock to strike twelve to put them into practice.

resolution2The moment we know what we want to improve in our lives, followed by the second we get even a wisp of a clue regarding how to do that, that’s when our resolutions should kick in. We’re always (I was also guilty of this) going on and on about the many things we’re going to change in the new year, but there’s absolutely no reason we can’t begin right now. Look at it this way, you’ll have a head start ^_^.

Don’t wait, let’s just go for the goal.



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