Friday Highlights 64

thanks1Hello lovely readers! Let me first say THANK YOU to all my new followers, I appreciate your support and in the next days will visit each of your blogs for my chance to see what you’re sharing with the world :).

revenge1I caught up on Revenge this week and I have to say, Emily continues to be my favourite of the characters in the ‘one-word line up’ — Revenge, Scandal and Betrayal. Yes, you’ve discovered a few guilty pleasures, though ‘pleasures’ might be stretching it with the last two as often I’m rolling my eyes way more than I should be lol. Like really, is it necessary for everyone in Scandal to verbalise at top speed with no commas or anything? Okay I’m done lol onto the . . .



endofyear11) With 2013 nearly over, I’m trying to finish what I can before Auld Lang Syne rings out across Barbados ^__^. This has included everything from writing, editing and setting up my business to be more efficiently run in the new year :).

2) I’ve also decided to give my apartment a bit of an overhaul as recently I haven’t felt as comfortable while writing in any space there. My desk is usually always cluttered and that I can handle, but as I’ve been so busy lately, my apartment became just as cluttered and it’s messing with my process, so that needs to change. Can’t be living like an untidy bachelor over here lol.

reviewers13) I’m actively looking for reviewers for my released books, so if you’re interested, feel free to contact me below :).


That’s all for now. May the weekend treat you well and I’ll see you Monday :).







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