Friday Highlights 63

goldbergs1I really like that new ’80s show The Goldbergs. At first I thought it’d just be another version of Everybody Hates Chris, but what I love even more about this sitcom, is that you sometimes get glimpses of Adam Goldberg’s actual film from his years of videotaping his family and see that mobcitythe cast is fantastic at bringing them to life. On a completely different genre note, started Mob City, but haven’t seen the entire pilot yet, still, as a nod to Boardwalk Empire, I’ll give it a proper try, especially as my mother looks to me for the latest in all things mobster lol. Anyway, enough television, it’s time for . . .



amazon11) With the first season of The Wardens locked and loaded on Amazon, the last days have been spent in the process of tying up loose ends as we charge into 2014 ^_^.

2) Been working on making all my books available on Smashwords (well my formatter: ‘@AngelaFormats’ has been) so by next week that will be the case. Yay! To all the writers out there, Angela is a fantastic eBook formatter as is evident from my own books and she’s literally up to 15% cheaper than her competitors. (Yes, advertising and proud!) Lol.

ebookformats3) Lastly, my editor is still in the hospital, but they’re optimistic about his recovery options, so I’m hoping for the best :).


Thanks for dropping in lovely readers, there’s more I want to share, but working out details before I do. See you Monday :)!






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Wardens7Love contemporary fantasy? Check out Skins (The Wardens: Episode 1) ‘here’, Howl (The Wardens: Episode 2) ‘here’,Lust (The Wardens: Episode 3) ‘here’, Taken (The Wardens: Episode 4) ‘here’ and Cemetery Party (The Wardens: Episode 5) ‘here’ on Amazon!


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